September 1, 2019
Rock Smash Hike

The kids wanted to go dooooo something after church while Daddy was helping uncle Chris build his deck. We went to Lee Valley to pick up tung oil for the canoe but apparently that didn’t count.


It was a bit too cold and windy to go to the beach, so we decided to go hiking instead at Stoney Creek after I looked up hike locations near us and the kids liked the look of the boardwalk in the picture.


There was a prominent notice displayed at the entrance warning about bears but luckily the kids didn’t notice. Elizabeth did notice the Daddy long legs crawling into her shoes. “Ack! Spiders!!!” but we persevered and it turned into quite a nice little hike. We ended up walking about 3km, which is pretty good when you consider that Michael did most of that on his own two feet. There were quite a few stops along the way as he needed to explore everything. Matthew and Elizabeth insisted on walking through all the muddy parts. After all they have sandals that are machine washable!


The kids dubbed the hike “rock smash hike” because there were all kinds of boulders lying around and they had great fun whacking at the scenery and rocks with sticks and yes... breaking a few of the rocks in the process.

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