July 22, 2019

We found a dead bat in the driveway today.  This was of course cause for some concern as one does not normally find dead bats just lying around and if one does there is a good chance that said dead bat probably wasn't healthy and thus might have been rabid and thus should not be touched (especially by little children or pets).  So of course we quizzed everyone about it and discovered that Matthew apparently felt it necessary to step on it... So then we called public health and asked them about it and they hmmed and hawed and basically said we should probably take Matthew to the doctor and have him shot.  This of course sounded like a whole lot of no fun as Matthew is the kid we have to basically hold down in order to get a needle and he is getting increasingly difficult to hold down.  So we spent ages going over security camera footage to see if we could determine exactly what he did as his own testimony was somewhat vague and variable.  We also wanted to know if either Joey or Raffale (the dogs) had touched it.  Luckily we were actually able to see the bat land on the side of the house, sit around for a day or so and then drop dead onto the driveway and sit there for about 48 hours before anyone came close to it.  Given all of this we decided that the bat did not appear to be rabid and was certainly good and dried up by the time anyone came close to it.  All in all far too much excitement.

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