June 24, 2019
Big Apple

The last couple of years we've gone to visit Wellesley in the week after school ends but before the english boards let out and tourist attractions such as the Lion Safari get completely overrun with children. Typically we've taken the train but this year the summer special wasn't available until quite late and by the time it became available the idea of organizing car seats and a vehicle down south seemed much less attractive. Not to mention that NO ONE liked the idea of entertaining the baby on the train. In fact, the kids started to grumble about not taking the train when they first found out we were driving and I reminded them that going on the train meant going on the train with Michael. After that they decided that a road trip where he could be strapped in sounded just fine, especially after I promised we'd stop at the Big Apple at least once. Let's just say that Michael might be our busiest kid yet...


Anyway, we made it to the Big Apple without incident and discovered that they have a candy store where you can choose any combination of candy from the wall that will fit in a cup. Needless to say this was extremely interesting and the kids had a lovely time taking turns choosing the candy to fill the cup. We stopped in Toronto to visit Auntie Muriel (and her cuckoo clock). We had fun at the local park, aside from a rather sad incident involving shoes on the wrong feet and a chin meeting the pavement.

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