July 31, 2019
Waterskiing, fish and clams

Jill and Rob rented a boat so that Rachel and Andrew could do some waterskiing and everyone had great fun watching them and getting rides in their boat. Elizabeth and I both had a shot at it ourselves, but neither of us could get up. I think Elizabeth might have been able to with another turn but by the time both she and the boat were ready to go again she'd gotten too cold and wanted to get out. Next year!


Andrew showed Matthew the way of the fishing rod and Matthew caught his first fish. It wasn't just the fish that got hooked... Matthew is completely in love with fishing and convinced Elizabeth to go in on a fishing rod with him when they spotted one at the store at Dorset. There were many fish that subsequently got hauled out of the water. It was so exciting that Mom accidentally threw her phone in the water.


In the evening it was time for the great clam race, which was great fun.

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