July 3, 2019
Summer School Week

We had a week without camps so we had planned to make extra progress on our summer school objectives.


This week we studied the human body and worked on our summer journals, did some math and reading. Elizabeth read a story from her collection of books in french and wrote me a book report. She's been playing around with Swift playgrounds and finished off the first section this week.


Matthew worked on his cursive lessons and did some typing on the computer as well.


I had Elizabeth teach her first class to Amelia. Elizabeth had a series of tasks to cover including working on phonics ("L") and they also learned about blood cells. Apparently Elizabeth is a great teacher!


Wednesday Elizabeth had summer team training at karate and while she was there I took the younger three to the University of Ottawa for a research project at the lab the middle two have been participating in on and off. This time they had to throw a bean bag and other things at different distances and make predictions about how they would do. They also had to make predictions about how they might do in the future. It was great fun and they are already wondering when they get to go back.

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