October 31, 2019

The kids had scary lunches.  After school we did our now traditional Halloween party.  Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves while eating gross snacks and even the adults got in on the costumes.  This year the older girls went out trick-or-treating by themselves.  Parents survived.  Lorianne took Ameila, Janice took Matthew and mommy took Michael to visit a few of the closer neighbours.  Daddy stayed home and handed out candy to the few brave souls who ventured out in the pouring rain.  Montreal cancelled trick-or-treating in favour of delaying it until the following day due to the weather forecast.  This turned out to be a silly idea as the next day a wind storm ripped through the area and knocked out power to roughly a million people.  Anyway Ottawa was thankfully more sensible and just toughed out the rain.  The kids came back rather soggy but happy to have a bag full of candy to chow down on.

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