August 25, 2019
Bus ride practice

I took Amelia to practice riding the bus. Her siblings didn't want to tag along; they reckon they've had enough of the real thing.


I was entertained to see that they have made some changes to the education provided. The video now has a safety bee, and a weird emphasis on not playing at the bus stop. Clearly whomever is in charge of making these has never actually had to entertain a group of children in subzero weather waiting forty minutes for a late bus... It would make more sense to explain what sort of play is dangerous and provide guidelines on how to stay away from the road rather than "Don't play at the bus stop", which is frankly a stupid and impractical rule that everyone is immediately going to ignore. 


A better change was the instruction to have the children get off and practice crossing the street without their parents. They also practiced sitting on the bus by themselves, which was great from an educational perspective and not so good from a documenting-with-photos perspective. I also didn't think that Amelia's French was really up to following the safety rules, so I was a bit alarmed when they ushered her off the bus without me as I had been planning to translate for her. Luckily I was able to explain my concern and they agreed to give the instructions bilingually. A couple of other parents had the same concern and were very relieved when I spoke up!


Amelia enjoyed her bus ride very much because she got to go with Mommy "just me" and also they gave her a branded placemat and coupon for a free ice cream cone.

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