May 10, 2019
16 Months

At sixteen months Michael is very very busy. He seems less coordinated than the other kids because every few days he will trip on something, fall on his face and be bleeding from his teeth. Or else he gets tripped (tackled) by a sibling. Brendan says it will be a miracle if Michael makes it to adulthood with all his teeth intact. Of course Matthew also squashed Michael's finger flat in the back door this month. We were less freaked out than the time Amelia did the same at karate because we knew what to do but it was still traumatic. I now have a physical reaction to slammed doors if a child is too close - there's a tingly sensation that runs down from my knees to my ankles. Very unpleasant feeling!


Michael has had a very chesty cough caused by constant snotty now. It seems to have lasted forever. Luckily he is very cute, which makes up for the miserable gross parts...


Michael loves his new French class and spends his time climbing up all the structures and sliding down the slides. He does not wish for assistance.


Meal times are messy. He eats well until he decides he is done with a particular food item at which point he throws everything on the floor. There's no point in giving him extra ammunition so we don't usually let him have a plate or cutlery.

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