April 6, 2010
13 Months

Elizabeth is thirteen months old.  In the last week we've made it back to 7.7 kg which is almost 17 pounds!


I can't remember if I mentioned that Elizabeth was climbing down stairs on her own, but after a couple of weeks of backwards stair climbing she has refined her technique.  She still turns around and goes down backwards on the first step.  This is to indicate her intentions.  Then she turns around and holds her hands up to grab onto the closest supervising adult, stands up and walks down the stairs one at a time (like an adult does, except with more enthusiasm).  It's way more efficient!  She goes so quickly that it's difficult to keep up while walking backwards.  She's started deciding where she wants to go.  We spend a lot of time going down to the second floor to colour, then down to the basement to play on the piano, ride her tricycle or swing in the jolly jumper, then back up to the third floor to play with her toys or read a book.


She loves going outside.  "Out" she says, pointing to the door. She's still not walking independently but spending more and more time walking with help.  A few days ago she "walked" all the way around our house and to the end of the block.  She especially likes climbing up and down the stairs on the deck.  She likes to visit the park and swing on the baby swings.  When she's done she can point to her stroller and even told Grandma J "stroller".  She's getting much more vocal about what she wants to do.


Books are still a favourite activity but so is tossing things across the room.  If you offer to read her a book she'll often choose one and bring it to you.  She's learning to put things away.  She can open her drawers and pick out her own clothes (we give her a choice of two items).  She's especially fond of animals and pink.  She turns on and off light switches and brushes her own teeth at night.


Elizabeth likes to roar like a lion.  She also moos and quacks, although if you ask her what sound an animal makes she'll usually roar regardless of whether this is right.  She seems to like teasing Daddy.


She "talks" a lot.  Many of the sounds she makes are very complicated and we can't reproduce them no matter how hard we try.  She waggles her tongue around.  It spends a lot of time sticking out one corner or another, especially when she is concentrating on something.


Can you tell we're enjoying this stage?

On April 8, 2010 at 09:51 am
Grandma H. said:
What a sweet little lion!
On April 12, 2010 at 07:35 am
Marie Smith said:
Hooray! Congratulations on all the new developments, Elizabeth!

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