January 10, 2020

Michael is two years old and I guess officially not a baby any longer, although he still nurses an awful lot. He loves singing, especially Baby Shark “Daddy Doo doo doo dooo”. He's obsessed with Johny Johnny Papa (but only the ones with the baby in them). Actually he has a one track mind and if he gets something into his head he is often quite stubborn about doing whatever it is. Luckily he's become much more communicative so he's less frustrated these days.


He calls Elizabeth “Beh” (for Beth) and Amelia yaya. His Matthew is quite recognizable. He loves “Ela” (Elephants), cows, lions, dogs and cats. He's good at pointing to parts of his body and can do so in both English and French. 

Michael loves his storybooks. He will demand the same story five times in a row if you are willing. Some things he will always say when he reads a particular page.


Daddy puts him to bed almost exclusively these days. He's cooperative at bedtime - usually about 6pm. There's still one short nap in the afternoon, but not every day. Michael wakes up either around 11pm or about 3am (depends on how big supper was!), then nurses and then goes to sleep in the crib. He wakes up for the day at 6:00, and then wants to nurse for a while.


He likes to have his Curious George stuffy at bedtime. Actually, he loves stuffies in general. Likes to play with most toys, right now mostly in a throwing it around the room kind of way.


At two Michael suddenly hates taking off his clothes; once off hates putting them on; clothes transitions are unacceptable, as are diaper changes. There's a lot of wailing.


Last week he got a boo boo, anytime he remembers he looks for where it was to get a kiss.


Michael still mushes his food together and throws everything on the floor. What he eats is highly variable but especially likes apple, strawberries, cereal, cheese. He's trending towards being a bit of a picky eater (shh...)


A very friendly soul most of the time, Michael is still probably our busiest kid yet. He is frequently exhausting, but a lot of fun. We can't wait to see how he grows and changes over the next few months!


For his birthday the whole family went out for dinner at the foolish chicken. Michael quite enjoyed his brownie and ice cream.

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