January 6, 2020
Epiphany Back to School

It was back to school but poor Elizabeth had a temperature of 39C so although she said she was going to school she also couldn't get out of bed for breakfast.


Michael was very happy to have his "Bey" home with him. Elizabeth spent most of the day in bed or lounging in the basement with Michael watching videos.


Piano lessons also resumed so I picked Matthew and Amelia up from school. Usually Elizabeth makes supper on Mondays while I'm at music with the middles and so I texted her to see if she was feeling well enough. She thought she was so I gave her some instructions for some turkey soup. Sadly I forgot to tell her to turn off the burner and Brendan was helping Michael nap. Elizabeth texted me to say "It smells like turkey" which turned out to mean "The soup is on fire". Later she told me it smelled burned, but by that point I was just about home so I raced in and rescued what I could. Supper was a little charred. Elizabeth was not pleased but after I told her a few stories of my own kitchen disasters she felt better about it.


The almond torte cake that she made was fine - and she even got to be Queen. Then we had sparklers outside with our epiphany blessing of the home.

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