December 31, 2019
New Year's Eve

Perfect conditions for snowman building meant that we sent the children outside to play and they eventually insisted they needed help with assembling their GIANT snowman.


They had rolled a ball that conservatively weighed over 200lbs. Brendan and I had a go at lifting it before we decided we needed some mechanical aid and constructed a ramp out of wood to assist. It was still rather heavy to get the middle onto the snowman and we insisted the head be taller.


I spent a lot of effort shoveling snow onto the igloo - it wasn't quite the right consistency to cut blocks but this was good enough. We made an entrance to prevent bunnies from coming in and to cut the wind but I refused to close the roof "properly" because the whole point of using the playstructure as an igloo is to have a safe snow structure and avoid crushed children. I felt that the weight of the entrance was about at the limit of what was safe. The kids decided that they needed to have hot chocolate in the igloo and had a grand time playing there.


In the evening we were invited to neighbours' Lauren and Ronnie for a New Year Eve dance party! It was super fun. Elizabeth's favourite part was a limbo contest because she got to show off how ridiculously flexible she is. Then we did a countdown at 8:30pm and headed home for an early night.

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