January 5, 2020
Twelfth night

Elizabeth wanted to do a "theme" every day of Christmas but she couldn't really articulate what she wanted to do beyond getting dressed up. Actually what she really wanted was to wear a new dress every day but since her parents didn't volunteer to purchase her twelve new dresses for the occasion she was sort of at a loss. So we had a "wear red and green" day and a couple of "party" days but mostly we didn't really do the theme thing.


We did open presents every day and on the day we opened umbrellas (the gift the kids gave to each other this year) Elizabeth declared it "pretend it's raining" day.


Anyway, the last day of Christmas Elizabeth decided we had to do a dress up day so we all got dressed up and watched a Christmas movie. We watched "Elf" which I thought was a pretty terrible movie, but apparently everyone else thought it was enjoyable.

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