January 1, 2020
New Year's Day

We started out the New Year by heading to the dojo for sensei Nick's annual workout.


Erika and Auntie Yukiko were supposed to join us but Erika was still not completely over her flu and Auntie Yukiko was ill by this point as well. We had fun!


After karate there was much playing in the snow outdoors and improving upon our snowman army. The kids built a second mega snowman - this time almost entirely without adult help. They built a snow ramp to support the wood ramp after the first wood ramp they used snapped in two under the weight.


We also helped build a very very tall one at Lauren and Ronnie's. Actually the first attempt was much wider but less structurally stable. Lauren said "Step back so I can take a picture as I don't think it will last long". So we did and before she got the camera up the whole thing collapsed to the great amusement of all. Ronnie and I (and Charlotte) rebuilt him as a very tall snowman with 7 layers.


There were quite a few other snowmen built on our street today - I tried to get a photo of all the snowmen!


Meanwhile Mila and Elizabeth were building a snow throne even as the sun went down...

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