March 27, 2010
We obviously need to eat more apples

We obviously need to eat more apples because no sooner did Elizabeth finish her antibiotics than she came down with another big fever in the night and we spent 24 hours giving her Tylenol every four hours or so.


Elizabeth and I duly headed off to the clinic, and after a long and patient wait we finally managed to see the doctor.  He checked that her ears were now free of infection and listened to her chest.  "Hmm", he said.  "I thought from your description that she had a chest infection, but it is clear."  He heard that she had stopped throwing up but was now on day 12 of diarrhea.  "That's too long!" he said.  No kidding!  So Elizabeth is supposed to avoid dairy in case she's developped some lactose intolerance as a result of the flu, and we're to go back in seven days.  In the meantime I need to feed her more (she's lost weight) and hydrate her.  "Give her more fluids" he said sternly.  "Try coke."  Coke?!? Apparently it has electrolytes. 


PS. After checking with my pediatrician neighbour, I've determined that I'm going to ignore the advice about coke.  We seem to be attracting goof-ball doctors lately.

On April 4, 2010 at 01:26 am
Stephanie said:
Oh, my! So breastmilk is bad and Coke is good?!? Crazy. I hope you are able to find a sensible pediatrician soon... :)

And, most of all, I hope Elizabeth is healthy and fever-free ASAP!

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