December 8, 2019
Lessons and Carols

Matthew decided he wanted to sing the evening service for Lessons and Carols this year, partly because FIRE! and partly because "I just love singing so much". He worked very hard and because he's starting to be able to read it was easier than last year. He still had to memorize most of what he was singing. Some of the pieces were the same as last year which was helpful but also sometimes that meant that Matthew was a little overconfident and I had to remind him to look at his music!


He did great at the evening service, not wiggling too much, following along and also didn't set anything on fire.


Matthew was happy not to be the youngest member of the choir this year - that honour went to my friend Jessie's four month old.


Amelia actually thought about joining the choir but after half a rehearsal she gave it up and went to play in the nursery.

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