December 6, 2019
Come Sing Messiah

In the end, Elizabeth, Michael and I made it to all three rehearsals for this year's Messiah, but ducked out early for two of them. This was mostly because Michael really couldn't manage the whole thing and Daddy was already doing a lot of driving to get us to rehearsal and then the middles to skating and back without adding a second back and forth to the church. Matthew came to the second half of the first one. I'm sad to say that I didn't manage to find time to bring Amelia. She was a bit sad about that as well, although mostly she found the cookies I brought from snack time to be an acceptable compromise. Elizabeth was extremely helpful with Michael during rehearsals, though she did grumble a bit about missing parts as a result. Apparently rehearsal is no longer something to get out of :)


It was the first year that Alan Thomas didn't play the organ (Matthew Larkin has taken his place), but at least we had Alan for rehearsals.


Auntie Mary, Auntie Yukiko, Lorianne and I sang alto together, while Elizabeth and Rachel sang soprano. Elizabeth had been thinking about whether she wants to switch to singing alto (because that's what we rehearse and we have a critical mass). But she really enjoys singing with Rachel and apparently it's much easier to get a seat as a soprano.

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