November 18, 2019

Given how little Brendan and I like to do with our own hair, "hairstyles" are surprisingly popular among our kids.


Matthew mostly prefers shorter hair for comfort and ease of bathing reasons but he WOULD like to have "hair up to the ceiling" that could be styled into crazy and wild styles if it weren't incompatible with the aforementioned comfort and short hair washes.


Elizabeth loves to have other people play with her hair but usually she finds my attempts too boring. She's also much better at making a bun in her own hair than I am doing it for her.


Amelia only likes having her hair done sometimes, mostly preferring to have it loose (if allowed) or tied back in a simple ponytail.


Michael doesn't mind having people play with his hair, but won't leave anything in it for long, ripping out chunks of hair and scalp along with hair elastics. Luckily this is no longer an issue now that we've cut off the curls.

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