December 13, 2019

 Michael has been taking sportball like his siblings and he loves it.


Unfortunately there are new staff at the locations near us and they are not nearly as good as they have been in the past. In particular they don't follow the well thought out program, and unfortunately for the staff person I've done the program for over ten years so am acutely aware of the elements that she keeps skipping and/or leaving out. Sigh. I did complain and we ended up with a manager doing a retraining but it didn't help. They were also apparently missing some of the equipment so repeated sports instead of doing all of the sports they were supposed to do.


Oh well. Michael doesn't really mind but I found it very disappointing.


On the other hand it was still fun to get out of the house and wave hockey sticks etc in the air. Part of the class involves throwing balls all over the room (popcorn!) and bringing them back. Usually they have a different way to bring them back each time but the first time they asked Michael to bring them back attached to a body part like his nose and so for the entire rest of the session he always put the ball on his nose lol. The class was small so Michael got to help a lot (which he loved) and to be fair the instructor was very good at the actual teaching of sport parts - just not great at transitions (which the program is very well designed to handle... if you just do those parts...)  I'd still recommend it as a tiny tot activity, with adjusted expectations.

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