October 10, 2019
21 months

Twenty-one months is a lot of imitating of siblings. Michael's favourite toys currently are all not exactly baby appropriate, and his siblings wouldn't approve. But there's a long tradition of younger siblings playing with the contraband while the older ones are at school and it's tolerated as long as no one notices... Elizabeth doesn't mind Michael absconding with her toys and stuffies because he's "so cute", although sometimes she does insist that she can't watch Michael and do other things like getting dressed or practicing the violin.


Michael was surprisingly gentle playing with Matthew's hospital, opening all of the little doors and sliding things up and down and generally figuring out how everything works. We've started to let him watch the odd video. He likes holding the screen "by self".


The other day he was carefully watching Elizabeth and she claimed he wanted to know why she went to the bathroom. So she told him that she was using the toilet. Well, then he wanted to sit on the toilet, so she explained how and apparently he actually used it. We were most impressed. Less impressive is the recent tendency to take everything out of drawers, now that he's figured out how to open them. I had to move the Halloween candy once he realized he could get into it.


He likes to put on googles and cache-cous and sunglasses, but usually he wears them as necklaces as he's not super fond of hats.


He's also appropriated Matthew's plasma car which he likes to use to give various stuffies a ride. Amelia's little horse is a popular victim... er... I mean rider.

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