December 19, 2019

We continue with our somewhat sporadic attempts to teach our children how to cook. Matthew still enjoys cooking very much, especially if he can use one of his cooking magazines as inspiration. I don't often have the energy to encourage him though.


While I've done most of the cooking instruction with a little help from the kids cook real food online cooking course, Brendan occasionally chips in with his own tips (eg. fast ways to melt cheese, how to prevent an omelette from overflowing in the oven if there is too much filling to fit in the pastry - most of which can be summed up as "creative use of power tools in the kitchen")


Occasionally the children have made things entirely on their own. I was highly amused the one day that they tried to make cupcakes but accidentally used the recipe for buttercream icing (and also didn't realize that there is a difference between granulated and icing sugars!). Luckily I stopped them before they put their buttery sugar concoction into the oven!


Anyway, I'm not home Monday evenings as I take the middle kids to piano lessons and that has given Elizabeth the opportunity to make dinner for the family regularly.


There have been some mishaps - think pouring water into the instant pot without the liner or burning the rice after forgetting the water - but she has produced many delicious meals week after week and even the mistakes have been edible!


She says she likes making desserts best - her favourite is brownies WITH M&Ms and sprinkles on top. Her favourite main course is Instant Pot chicken taco bowls because they are tasty and she likes the name of the dish.


Brendan hovers in the background to try and prevent disaster but mostly she works on her own based on instructions that I leave her. She then tends to text me as she works through each step. It's been interesting to see what I think ought to be obvious and how her interpretation sometimes differs! I included one particularly memorable and hilarious exchange that is also completely typical of Elizabeth's learning to cook. The only downside is that by the time she's a university student I probably won't be getting such amusing texts anymore.

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