January 24, 2020
Skating on PD day

It was a PD day today, so we decided we should take advantage of the canal being open for skating. There are actually two sections open but they aren't attached - the section between Bank and Dow's Lake are very rough so only skate patrol like Janice gets to go through.


We met up with Bianca and Nico to go skating and brought along Simon from across the street. The boys raced along ahead and the older girls stuck together while I skated with Amelia who was determined to do the full open length again.


Grandma came too but needed to leave early. Since the ice was still quite rough we lent her Brendan and Michael to do the return trip to Patterson while Amelia and I carried on (and on, and on). We did see Janice and Matthew was quite happy to skate a while with her - I gather the pace the other boys set was inconsistent and he found it hard to keep up. I sent Nico, Simon, Elizabeth and Bianca on ahead to go right to the end and then stand in line for Beavertails. Unfortunately the Beavertails weren't open! Luckily we were first in line so we were able to indulge and treat Bianca to her first ever one! Nico is allergic so he settled for fries - I actually had forgotten this somehow when we were deciding on doing treats or not so I felt quite badly. In the end we all had a great time, though Amelia didn't do the section from Fifth to Waverley she felt satisfied with her efforts.


After skating we went home. The older two kids had a doctor's checkup, then Elizabeth went to her activities (ballet, karate) and Matthew, Amelia, Michael and Simon all played on Snow Mountain outside until it got too dark to see.


In the evening Grandma, Yukiko and I went to see the Wizard of Oz ballet by the Royal Winnipeg which was mesmerizing. There were lots of marionettes, including Toto. It was really well done. I found the sets and costumes truly amazing, especially the grasshopper/cricket costumes which I really want to show to Elizabeth.

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