January 19, 2020
Rideau Canal

The Canal is OPEN! Actually it opened yesterday but we were busy, the ice was not great and it was cold. Today was supposed to be warmer so we all went on the canal.  I called Grandma and luckily she was free and met us there. Erika was having a sleepover so she tagged along. I tried to talk Yukiko and Maria into joining us but no luck...


Auntie Janice is working as skate patrol again this year and happened to be working. She met up with us at Patterson to say hi!


Patterson was a bit rough but the rest of the canal was actually not too bad. We skated the full length of the open canal (Waverley to Bank), even Amelia. Beavertails were acquired and enjoyed, despite the exorbitant fee increase ($7 for a Nutella one!) 

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