June 21, 2019
Amelia at preschool

Amelia has very much enjoyed preschool. She enjoys all the toys and the teachers. She spends great amounts of time painting, making up stories for the toys, riding cars around and generally amusing herself. She is less excited about the other kids in her class. While she does enjoy playing with them she tends to want to be the one defining the rules. She adores having mommy or daddy come and showing them around. Amelia’s especially liked having mommy as duty parent on her birthday. She even got a special candle from her class. She does not however enjoy when her parents come to pick her up at the end of class.  She wishes she could stay forever and is often the last kid to leave.  Her teachers enjoy her creativity and her sunny disposition.  She follows the rules well the majority of the time. She also very much enjoys her afternoon classes and demanded that she get to do more for the last term. The teachers all smile and say hi whenever they see her outside of class. She also very much enjoyed the various special visitors including a vet and a police officer.

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