January 15, 2020
Strike Day

There was another strike day in Ottawa. We went skiing first thing in the morning on the SJAM (our fourth outing). It was a little nerve-wracking as the hills are much more daunting on skiis than on snowshoes. Matthew and Elizabeth checked out the "big" hill first and declared it a bit icy but not too bad which gave Amelia the confidence to go as well.


I ended up carrying her poles home as she was finding they were getting in her way (and she wanted a tow). We only made it about as far as we normally do on snowshoes before Amelia decided she was so tired that she wasn't going to ski anymore so I thought we'd better go back. Matthew and Elizabeth were a bit annoyed but raced ahead so they could go up and down the big BIG hill five times while waiting for us.


Olivia picked Elizabeth up after skiing and they had a playdate.


In the afternoon we were going to go swimming at Grandma's but after the pool closed a day early we went skating at Landsdowne instead with Erika, Maria and Grandma. Maria initially refused to get out of bed but was persuaded in the end to come "watch". We brought skates in case she changed her mind - and she did! 20 minutes of skating later I was amazed by how much she's improved since last year. I think she was also pleasantly surprised, though she did claim that she was "not used to physical activity" and "got headaches if she moves around too much during the day", which was slightly concerning.


Neighbour Simon met up with us too and he and Matthew had a ball skating up and down. Matthew was chagrined to find someone much faster on his feet - but after all Simon is a year older and takes hockey!


After skating we went to Grandma's for cookies and hot chocolate before the evening's activities. Elizabeth and Erika had karate and Matthew had his first ever extremely anticipated shinny game. We did discover that he's going to need a different stick as he apparently shoots the opposite direction of the right handed stick we were told he needed in the store. Oh well!

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