July 12, 2019
Room swap

Lorianne moved out and then we spent a number of hours sanding and refinishing the floor of the blue room. Elizabeth was VERY anxious to move in and soon enough the big day came, even though we haven't yet gotten around to arranging a bed. Brendan was thinking he might make one out of the wood from our beloved maple tree. Elizabeth said she could sleep on the floor. She's loving having all the space and having a great time rearranging her stuff. In time honoured tradition she is culling things by passing them on to her siblings. She does not allow Matthew or Amelia in her room at all, but Michael is tolerated "because he's a baby".


Amelia is quite happy to have a real bed and Matthew finally gets the top bunk (and slide!) to himself. Our plan is to move Matthew and Amelia to the bigger room, but first we need to finish painting the walls and do the floor.

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