April 12, 2010
This little piggy

Elizabeth gets a bit squirrelly in the afternoons, which is my cue to take her somewhere so that daddy can get a little work done in peace.


It was a beautiful day so I decided we'd go to the Agriculture museum so we could stay outside.  Elizabeth played on a rocking pig for a long time and then decided she wanted a ride in her stroller.  So I took her to see the scary cows being milked.  After that she decided she was going to do the pushing. 


She took us to the bee exhibit and played in their bee indoor play area.  We also checked out the tractor exhibit, which rather randomly included a disposable diaper in a glass case.  Elizabeth sat on a tractor seat and felt it vibrate.  This was fun while mommy made it go, but when she accidentally pulled the lever and started the engine she was very startled and that was the end of the tractors for us!

On April 13, 2010 at 12:16 pm
Marie said:
:) So cute!
On April 16, 2010 at 02:54 pm
Rachel@GraspingforObjectivity said:
That sounds fascinating!!! Y'all have so many fun places to go!!

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