February 14, 2020
Valentine's Day

Erika slept over again (double sleepover!) because we were going downhill skiing at Vorlage again in the morning - six preteens and a real teenager this time (!)


First I did manage to pull together some semblance of a Valentine's day celebration although I was not feeling all that great. Matthew had a fever the night before and a terrible cough so he didn't go to school. Instead he stayed home and helped Daddy with Michael. He must have been feeling rotten because he was quite subdued all day.


Brendan made me heart-shaped eggs and I felt very properly spoiled.


Skiing would have been cancelled again regardless of the strike because the temperature in the morning was below the -26C including windchill that the school uses. We just brought Vaseline and a case of handwarmers and a case of footwarmers and resolved to take many breaks. However, it turns out that Vorlage is in a bit of a bowl so it was actually not windy at all. In fact, I had to drag the kids in after their lesson to warm up - they were all keen to keep skiing! We probably skied more than last week because it took less time to get ready and everyone knew what to do! I was glad we didn't let the cold chase us away because it was GORGEOUS and we had a wonderful time.

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