February 15, 2020
Flying Squirrel

Matthew wanted to go to a trampoline place for his birthday, so we signed up for a party at Flying Squirrel. It was super nice not to have to worry about cleaning up at our house. He invited seven friends as well as his sisters. He wanted Michael to come too but Daddy figured it'd be easier watching the baby at home. Actually it turned out that the trampoline place wasn't as noisy as feared; we'd probably bring him next time but the boys had a fun time playing and doing laundry at home.


I left cake making a bit late - I intended to do it the day before but had forgotten it was Valentine's day! Between Valentine's and skiing and being slightly under the weather I just didn't get it done until the morning of. So that's how we ended up with Elizabeth and Amelia decorating cupcakes in the car on the way to the trampoline place (!)


Matthew's guest list was interesting - three kids from his class (Enzo couldn't come), two of whom were second grade girls. One second grade kid from music (but he couldn't come). The second grade boy/girl twins that were in his class in maternelle and who have since switched schools. A first grader described as a "wild and crazy boy" that was in his class for the first three weeks only. Matthew privately told me that he would only invite this kid somewhere like a trampoline place or cosmic adventures because "he has a lot of energy". And of course neighbours Simon (grade 3) and Nico  (grade 2). So we ended up with 5 girls including Elizabeth and Amelia and only one kid actually Matthew's age. Elizabeth found it mind boggling that he seemed to have some difficulty choosing guests. It took him days to think of more than one or two people to invite. "Don't you have friends?!?" she asked. "Of course" he replied indignantly. But apparently not many close ones and of the others - well... how to choose one over the other?


Matthew also hasn't been feeling great the last couple of days - we actually kept him home with a cold and a fever on Friday but he insisted he was well enough to go to his party and the fever had been gone for twenty-four hours so we decided to go with it (we would have sent him had it been a school day). He did need to come and have cuddle breaks in between jumping as it was clearly exhausting work.


Everyone seemed to have a really good time and I was glad to see that Matthew interacted with all of his guests. They all seemed like good kids - even the "wild and crazy" one. Flying Squirrel was a birthday party machine - there must have been a dozen parties announced while we were there.


There were tables set up for the guests, then we jumped for an hour, then we had pizza, then we jumped again for almost an hour, then we had cake and presents and then it was over. The kids were a bit disappointed that they couldn't go back and jump after the cake. I think if I were to do it again I'd tell parents to come back 15 min earlier, because we were sort of awkwardly killing time the last ten minutes waiting for parents to pick up. Half of the party came home with me though so that was amusing. It definitely wasn't the cheapest option available and I was not super impressed that they had an automatic "tip" added to my bill (this was not discussed in advanced). Blech. I do think it was worth it.


After the party Matthew and Simon weren't ready to call it a day so they had an impromptu playdate setting up Matthew's new toys.

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