February 13, 2020
Strike Day

The kids' teachers were on strike today so no school! Erika and Maria's schools are mostly ETFO union members, so they've had quite a few extra strike days but this is the first time our primary union AEFO was on strike.


Erika chose to sleep over last night but Maria wanted her own bed so I went and fetched her in the morning. Not too early so we could still take advantage of a no school sleep in! We had thought about going skating or snowshoeing or something but Elizabeth and Matthew asked for some "unstructured playtime" so I went with that!


Erika, Elizabeth and Matthew played outside in the snow for a while and made some kind of fort with the sleds.


Maria and Amelia helped tidy up the basement since they didn't want to play outside. LOL. Then it was Michael's music class time. Amelia came to help (I didn't want to have her and Matthew fighting as a soundtrack upstairs). She was worried about being "too big", I think, but then Charlotte's sister Elizabeth and Asher's big brother also came so it was alright.


Erika and Elizabeth made lunch. Apparently they still need some help figuring out how to make fresh pasta. They made one batch but declared it "weird" (slightly overcooked) so then they inexplicably microwaved a batch. Apparently because it was not in original packaging they thought it was already cooked? And were confused because it didn't seem to be getting soft?


After lunch we went to Grandma's to go swimming. Michael and I hung around the apartment to wait for a FedEx package so she took the other five kids by herself to the pool. I gather great fun was had. We got down to the pool around the time that the kids were pretty much done but that was okay because Michael found the water too cold. I got him wet and he declared that he was done swimming so we got out again. Then we had many, many chocolate cookies before moving on to the evening's scheduled activities.

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