February 22, 2020

Rachel from the cottage is competing in Ottawa for figure skating again this year so we invited her and her mom to come stay with us overnight and Elizabeth skipped tournament team so as to have more time to play with Rachel (!)


They like to spend their time doing bendy things which is always amusing to watch. Rachel likes to see Elizabeth do katas but Elizabeth was quite reluctant to show off. Eventually she was cajoled into showing some of it.


The next day we did some painting and then headed to the museum of Nature where we checked out the new microbe exhibit and then showed off all our favourite parts of every single other exhibit.


Apparently we didn't wear Rachel out too much as she went on to win a gold medal and score a personal best! Woo hoo! Sadly by the time she was done competing the canal had melted too much to be fun to skate on. We'll try again next year...

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