March 5, 2020
Dance Camp

I was taking Matthew and Elizabeth skiing and Amelia felt a bit left out. Also she had been requesting to do ballet this semester again BUT there were no classes that fit in our schedule. So when I saw there was a dance camp I asked her if she might like to do that and she jumped at the chance.


It's the first time she's done a camp all by herself and she adored it. They coloured. They danced. They had snacks and lunch and did more dance. When I picked her up she asked if she could come back tomorrow.


Her least favourite part: "When I said arrêt then another kid said that wasn’t a language."


Her favourite part: "We watched a movie! It was a movie about a boy named Laurence. His machine cut down all the trees. He was kind of being mean. It was his friends birthday and he was playing piano. At present time he said I know what you want and gave her a big furry tree.


His parents decided to move his house. It was chained to the ground. He took out the things holding it to the ground but he hammered it back in.


Then they were friends again.


His parents drives home in their truck. They had a special button on their truck. His house got put down and then he was left there all by himself with no trees.


The bear floated off with the boy. It was super scary for them. Then he woke up and held on but one of his socks fell off. There was even a water fountain because it was a weird movie. It was a river water fountain. He got saved when he fell into the water with his pillow. From dying!


He got a digger truck and he got a trophy that he made about (a statue). And he knocked the head off. Then THEN it was super windy and he dropped a seed that a monster said he had to plant. So then he planted it where everyone could see and another man planted it."


Apparently my movie hating, never sits through an entire movie willingly and finds everything except Paw Patrol and Peppa Pig "scary" loved the movie and would like to watch it again. So I guess next family movie will be the Lorax!

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