March 1, 2020
Birthday reprise

Since we missed going out with Elizabeth on Friday, she got to pick an Ottawa restaurant. She opted to go out for lunch instead of supper with the idea that we could have triple chocolate mousse cake for dessert. Her choice was the Works and it was great because it wasn't too busy and Michael wasn't too squirrelly. Elizabeth did end up taking him for an "airplane ride" around the restaurant so everyone else could eat in peace and in the end we resorted to Johnny Papa videos, but it WAS an improvement. Michael didn't eat too much but he drank more than half of my chocolate milk shake so this was hardly surprising. Elizabeth has hit a milestone and is now theoretically too old for the kid's menu. Luckily she seems to enjoy ordering "as an adult".


I wasn't organized enough to start making Elizabeth's special cake until FAR TOO LATE at which point I realized I had meant (and failed) to save some eggs. Brendan and I had wanted to get some additional supplies anyway so Elizabeth and Matthew and I did a big shop. The kids brought money along in order to buy something; they ended up getting candy. Matthew bought two kinder eggs and gave Elizabeth one, and Elizabeth shared her candy too.


By the time we got home and the cake was chilling and food was on the table it was 7:30pm and clear that the younger three couldn't wait bedtime for the cake. Luckily Elizabeth didn't mind my proposal to have leftover cupcakes from Friday breakfast as dessert and then to have a bonus cake singing tomorrow instead. Something about getting to skip giving up dessert for lent an extra day...

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