February 19, 2020

I mentioned before that Matthew was taking shinny this year and as it turned out the second last class was actually the last class as unseasonably warm weather melted the rink and it closed for the season.


Matthew really enjoyed playing and I think he's interested in doing it again. He did confide that he's not sure if he enjoys the "battling for the puck" part, finding it a bit intimidating. This would be why he very frequently would skate away from the action (!) He did like getting the puck when no one was nearby and then firing it back towards the action. I suspect some more exposure would help.


In any case this program was perfect for us - no extra equipment, no contact, once a week, no additional or unexpected commitments and a focus on having fun. Parents were not required to take a good sportsmanship class prior to signing their kids up. Yes that's a thing around here for regular hockey apparently.


At the end of the class Matthew was thrilled to get a mini stick and puck, as well as two free tickets to the Ottawa 67s game. Unfortunately he couldn't go as it was at the same time as Nico's birthday party. I've promised him we'll go another time (!)

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