February 28, 2020
Toronto birthday

After arriving in Toronto Lauren, Donna and kids showed up and Muriel's place and we all hung around and chatted.  Daddy spent a fair amount of time suddenly wondering who was watching Michael and why was he being so quiet before realizing that Michael was not with him... The big kids played games and chatted and the adults enjoyed not being in a rush to make supper.  When Lindsey had to leave for a birthday party the rest of us headed off to Swiss Chalet for supper and enjoyed a lovely meal.  Then it was back home to Muriel's place through a super heavy snow storm.  Luckily we we only going a few blocks as it was really coming down hard.  Elizabeth and Erika then played a little more Abalone while daddy placed chocolates on their pillows (part of the compromise for not going to a hotel) and then it was off to bed for everyone in anticipation of the early morning the next day.

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