March 13, 2020
Corona virus

Elizabeth was scoffing at some of the changes in her life recently due to Coronavirus precautions. So I tell her the story of the grasshopper and the ant (la cigale et la fourmi). “Bah”, she says. “Don’t grasshoppers eat ants?” 😂

In her defense, this was prior to any cases being confirmed in Ottawa (current count is 3)


For those of you wondering what the state of the nation is for us:
1) School is out for the next three weeks. Some of my kids are more excited about extended homeschooling opportunity than others (we usually homeschool during breaks)
2) Panic buying is out in full force. Line-ups over an hour long at many stores. Just the line to drive into East end Costco this morning was backed up well down the highway. Apparently the fire marshall closed the Barrhaven one for being over capacity. Lots of gaps on the shelves of most stores especially toilet paper, bottled water, flour and canned goods. We’ve only gone into stores without crazy lines; they still exist and even Costco allegedly calmed down this evening - probably because they are definitely out of toilet paper.
3) City is mostly shutting down. All city facilities are closing until April 5 at least. Pools, libraries, community centres etc. Museums are closed indefinitely.
4) Elizabeth’s dance classes have moved online. Her piano is offering an online option but will go ahead as per normal if we want for now. Karate is making everyone wash hands on the way in, no one is touching cards except staff, and there’s no contact. People who are sick are being told they can’t come. Otherwise business as usual. Michael's music class is on hold indefinitely. Amelia and Matthew's classes are on break for March break so I guess we'll find out the plan later.
5) Not seeing much impact at work yet, but we work from home.

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