March 15, 2020
March Break

The ski hills and sugar bushes are still open but we decided too risky. We’d also decided to do church at home. Then the whole congregation went virtual which was great as we got to listen to the sermon as a family while the kids coloured. Then we used zoom to connect with other jr church families for our junior church story and small groups. It worked pretty well.


We figured that it would be safe enough to visit Grandma J before things get too crazy here and go for a swim in her pool. We thought too that going swimming would be a more normal March Break activity for the kids.


I was slightly surprised the pool hadn’t been closed to outside visitors, but I’m sure that will come.


The kids all enjoyed splashing around very much, and the cookies even more. Brendan took the opportunity to set Grandma up with video conferencing so we can have virtual play dates.

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