March 16, 2020
Social Distancing: Day 1

Confirmed cases are up to 13. More stuff is closing down here, including karate. Ottawa has closed restaurants and bars aside from take out and delivery. 


Today is what would be the official start of our March Break homeschooling, so we decided that's what we would do. We'll have to figure out as we go along what


The boys caught a centipede in the basement and Matthew wanted to keep it for a pet. (Un)Luckily the centipede died after only a few hours of observation. I don't think it died due to lack of oxygen, but the kids noticed that the jar didn't have airholes and I don't think it was intended to be for long-term use. Matthew lovingly put it outside, hoping it would revive in the freezing cold air.


We've decided to keep to a schedule - our experience homeschooling during the summer is that it's much easier for all involved if we have at least a loose idea of what we are doing when.


The schedule isn't entirely set in stone; we're going to need to shuffle some things around to accommodate weekly activities like house group, work meetings etc.


We're also still figuring out the main goals: going outside at least once a day, speaking french during the weekday, "chore time" after lunch, quiet time in physically separate spaces after chore time, and having the kids clean up the basement and their rooms before they go to bed.


We've moved breakfast time to 8 instead of 7:30am. We can sleep in! If the baby allows... We'll have to see what kind of expectations the schools have once March Break is technically over - we don't expect the kids are going back to school until September.

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