March 14, 2020
Goodbye to Mrs Tiggy Winkles

Our local toy store is closing down and I promised the kids that they could go to visit Mrs Tiggy Winkles and Lost Marbles (or Tinky Winkles as it's known around here) one last time before that happened. Their last day is March 22nd but we want to be limiting our community exposure and anyway I think the selection will be pretty poor after the weekend. Actually I nearly took the kids out of school early because we are worried about covid-19/corona virus but in the end we decided that we figure the medical system could still manage if we got it now.


We asked the kids not to touch items in the store, which was a hardship but they did comply. Michael didn't get to go in, but we texted him photos and he got to pick his own toy too.


By the time we were leaving it was starting to get quite busy - I was glad we'd scheduled it first thing in the morning! We did see many people we knew in the store - everyone is very sad to see them go.


Elizabeth picked a tie dye kit, though she strongly considered both thinking putty and a couple of stuffed elephants. Matthew looked at robots and lego and science kits, in the end settling on a slime making kit. Amelia picked a colour changing sequined unicorn, and Michael picked a lego fire truck.

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