March 17, 2020
St Patrick\u2019s day

State of emergency today in Ontario. All indoor recreation facilities, public libraries, private schools, licensed childcare facilities, bars and restaurants (takeout and delivery excluded), theaters and concert venues are required to close immediately.


We continued today with homeschooling activities. It was a less successful day from my point of view because Michael refused to nap. He's at a stage where he gets into moods where if he can see me ALL he wants to do is nurse, although sometimes he'll let me read him a story instead. He plays very happily if I'm not in his line of sight though. I'm thinking of cutting him off cold turkey.


Again we spent a good chunk of the day en français, but I had a harder time for whatever reason which meant that the kids followed my tendency to drop into English. Sigh. It was snowing hard in the morning so we took our walk in the afternoon. This time we went to the community center to spin pokestops. Amelia had a fit on the way out because I wouldn't let her touch the things she wanted to touch and she didn't want to hold my hand. Matthew had a fit because I insisted the kids walk at Michael's pace and Michael  INSISTED on walking. This was fine while Michael walked in the direction we wanted to go (except from the point of view of children who wanted to walk FASTER), but once we got to the community center Michael did NOT want to walk home. Actually what he wanted to do was wade through the very deep puddles and touch all the things. So I bundled him into the stroller and he screamed all the way home. Not the most relaxing walk from my point of view but hey, we left the house!


In the morning the kids were very keen to do an acro class that Elizabeth had planned. They had a great time and Brendan and I had a good hour of uninterrupted time to work together which was very helpful.


Elizabeth has been working away at her worksheets from school and Matthew and Amelia (and Michael) did some math. We continued with Doodling with Mo but only Elizabeth did the whole thing this time as the others weren't in the mood to draw. Auntie Janice posted a couple of videos of her reading stories that we watched, and we read other stories too. I'm thinking maybe I should have gone to the library after all to get more books in French after the kids made me read all the Curious George's in French...


In the afternoon the kids played with puzzles and games for quiet time. Then they had a skype playdate with Bianca and Nico, who were taking St Patrick's day much more seriously (we were wearing green, but not head to toe!). I did make clovers out of kiwi for our breakfast, although I got confused about whether they should have four leaves or three.


I read about St Patrick's life to the kids and we talked about the trinity. But the most exciting part was we declared it a feast day for supper which meant we could have dessert. I made green peanut butter cookies, mostly because I've been craving do-si-dos since seeing a GF recipe online.


After supper Elizabeth did a karate class. She didn't want to do it by herself so somehow Brendan and I got talked into doing the stretching and warm-up part with her along with some videos posted by her dojo. It went like this: video sensei Nick: reach down and touch your toes. Brendan: I can't reach my toes. Mary: OwOwOwOw. Elizabeth: Is this supposed to be a stretch?


Elizabeth: What am I supposed to do? Brendan: Reach backwards. Mary: Oooh that burns. Elizabeth: Like this? (leans all the way to the floor backwards) Huh - that's pretty easy.


She taught us how to do proper jump squats and burpees, and laughed at us. We did 10. She did 25, and that included going and sitting down and relaxing on the couch in the middle until we told her she could jolly well see how many more she could do than us. There was much trash talking and it was all very amusing. Then she did kata while we admired from the couch.

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