March 19, 2020
Social Distancing: Day 4

HAHAHA All my photos from today are of kids in front of screens.


One thing that is going reasonably well: keeping the house tidy. We told the kids that they have to tidy the basement and their rooms before free screen time in the evening. It's incentive to tidy as you go and it's probably fair to say that between this and daily "chore time" the house is actually in better shape than it's been in months. In fact we've had time to do a bit of spring cleaning (!)


I did add a couple of extra outdoor playtimes to our schedule today, but we didn't go for a walk because it was obvious that the kids weren't in the mood. Instead we let them pull the scooters out and go up and down the driveway (usually we don't allow kids to do such frivolities until the street sweeper has been by to remove the salt and grit leftover from winter).


During chore time we came across our winter and spring bucket lists. "We can't go to a museum now", Elizabeth sadly noted. Aha! said I. Let's try out some of these virtual tours I've been hearing so much about. So we saw butterflies and mummies and rocks and dinosaurs and skeletons (so many skeletons) at the Smithsonian. I am going to have OPINIONS about virtual tours by the end of this, I can tell that right now. There were fights over the keyboard and frustrations with the mouse. But we did actually learn some stuff, including that all of the kids are grossed out by ancient Egyptian burial customs.


After the museum we introduced them to Mythbusters, via the famous germ episode while I made supper (followed by Do Goldfish have 3 second memories?). They are all fans.


After supper Elizabeth tried out one of the karate video lessons posted recently. It's not the same but it is definitely better than nothing.

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