March 6, 2020
Sleepover Weekend

Elizabeth's friend Remy from karate wanted to have her over for a sleepover and Elizabeth's friend Bianca (from school) also wanted to have her over for a sleepover and it so happened that they both happened on the same weekend.


So I dropped Elizabeth off near Manotick Station Friday night, then I picked her up after bo class Saturday afternoon and drove her (and Matthew, who was also having a sleepover with Nico) to the Glebe. Then we picked them up on Sunday and drove them to karate for Kids Kicking Cancer. I went to church with the two youngest and Daddy stayed to supervise them. After Kids Kicking Cancer there was a tournament team practice, so Erika, Elizabeth and Matthew went to Tim Horton's for lunch in between and then just hung out at the dojo. Meanwhile Amelia, Michael and I checked out the new Farm Boy that opened by church along with a significant portion of the congregation. We got ourselves some lunch and then picked the others up from karate. I dropped them off at home and Elizabeth and I went to piano. What a busy weekend with not much Elizabeth in it!

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