March 23, 2020
Hike in the woods

We are fully expecting a shelter in place order to be implemented in Ontario soon, so when we saw that the weather was cold and snowy we thought it would be a good day to try visiting the birds again.


This time when we got to the parking lot there was only one other car so we decided it was okay to go for a hike with some bird seed. It was super slippery with the fresh snow on top of ice and Matthew took a hard fall but after that we all were very careful and we had a great time. We did see someone else arrive in the parking lot a few minutes later but once we got on the trail we were completely alone and we didn't see anyone else again.


Elizabeth had great success with birds flocking to her hand but Matthew didn't want to take off his mitt so he only got one or two visitors the whole time. Amelia tried for a few minutes and then got bored and Michael spent the entire time trying to catch the squirrels and chipmunks. We had a really great time, which is good because I'm quite sure that given our experience on Saturday it won't be long before these trails are closed until the virus is under control.


While we were out in the woods I got a call from Spinnewyn to say they had received the last part of our recent order, but were closing for the duration in the next few hours. Then I was glad that I had decided to bring lunch along for the car as we detoured to the optical place. We'd been discussing all week whether getting new glasses was essential or not or if it could wait but my glasses have been repaired twice and sit on a noticeable angle and my prescription has changed. But the clincher was that Matthew accidentally banged his head into my glasses a few days ago and the lens has been loose ever since. I was relieved to discover that I was able to pick them up without coming closer than 2m to anyone else!


Since we were out and about and next to a grocery store, I sent Brendan into the Metro to grab the rest of the things that we had attempted to order online.


The kids have demanded a proper school day tomorrow complete with quiet time. Brendan thinks that there are nefarious reasons behind this sudden interest in quiet time.

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