March 26, 2020
Social Distancing: Day 11

One thing that's interesting about mostly not going out (aside from how much less bookkeeping I have to do) is how quickly the days all seem to blur together in a kind of "Groundhog day" sort of way.


Part of our schedule has a "quiet time" built in at Michael's nap time. The kids are to do things by themselves in separate rooms and we are not to hear them. I thought they would object but surprisingly this has become one of the kids' favourite time of day. Matthew would prefer it if we would allow electronic devices though.


I certainly am not finding that it's much less busy around here or anything. We've started an initiative to connect the kids to their school friends on a regular basis, with the hope that they can speak french. I'm not sure how successful that's been but Matthew has really really enjoyed speaking with his friend Chloe the past two mornings.


It was raining when it was time for our family walk outdoors but that's just an excuse for using umbrellas, right? There had been thunder earlier but it subsided and we correctly reckoned this meant fewer people outside and thus less zigzagging required. People seem to be a bit more considerate now as well, tending to wait at intersections of the sidewalks or crossing into the street rather than forcing all the kids to dodge around them. Perhaps the news of our first Covid-19 death has made people take the 2m metre distance request more seriously. Perhaps there is hope that we will get some summer after all.


Today was Elizabeth's first live acro and contortion classes over Google Hangouts. Let's just say we prefer Zoom and leave it at that, but I think it went alright.

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