March 31, 2020
Art Day

Art day was the most hotly anticipated day of all and there were Expectations.


We started with an art math class where we talked about pi and graphed a city version of the number. I ought to have done this on March 14th - next year!


Then the kids could choose to paint or make plasticine sculptures. There was much painting; luckily mostly on the paper. Elizabeth did Doodles with Mo while the other kids snacked, continued working on their paintings and watched all the (french) videos on mini-tfo that I could find that were vaguely art related. During outdoor time I tried to get them to draw outside with chalk but apparently our accessible chalk is not fit to use so that will need investigation at some point. They didn't have any trouble occupying themselves as it was a beautiful warm sunny day and our yard has acquired a temporary pond. Michael kept getting very muddy. He went through four pairs of pants and eventually the other kids just let him splash and squelch around barefoot without pants. When I discovered this I pointed out this was pushing the season...


In the afternoon there was a live karate class, which all of the kids did with varying degrees of attention and enthusiasm. I had had plans to talk about art history periods, maybe do a little work on new quilts (Matthew is very keen to make a space quilt) and maybe do some soundwave art for science but sadly we hadn't finished some crucial work that needed to be done by the end of the month. In fact, we took so long to figure out what needed doing that the kids all went to bed very very late. Amelia and Matthew had wanted Michael to have a sleepover. I initially said no, but when it was nearly 8:30pm and we still hadn't finished I changed my mind and put Michael to sleep on a mattress in their room. There might have been some fighting and kids put back into their own beds for a bit and kids-who-were-NOT-the-baby moved into the baby crib upstairs until they calmed down for a bit but EVENTUALLY the sleepover kids went to sleep until some point close-ish to morning when Michael woke up and hollered for mommy and I went and got him.


We did get our work done. It was rather late.

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