April 1, 2020
Lego April Fools Day

It was April fool's day today and Elizabeth was very much looking forward to this. As per tradition, I brought out the green food colouring and turned breakfast funny colours. This year it was green eggs (no ham, but I WAS tempted). I also cut their bananas into fish. Amelia made some kind of weird mask but then never actually did anything with it? I'm not quite sure she got the idea. Matthew and Elizabeth did many many things, starting with lightly colouring our milk somehow (I didn't want to know) and putting saran wrap on the top. The milk was lumpy because it had "sharks" in it. We had a small chat about food grade plastics but decided we could still use the milk. They gave Amelia a fish (poisson d'avril). Elizabeth asked for something with "cherries and whipping cream on top" so Matthew fetched her the cherries and whipping cream. The best trick of all wasn't discovered until later in the day though. I thought it was so good I told Brendan that there was a spider on the toilet paper upstairs and he needed to go and squash it. LOL


Anyway, in addition to April Fool's day it was ALSO Lego day. We have at least 80L of Lego in our house and some of us think perhaps this is out of hand. But when we were deciding on themes it did seem like a natural choice... The kids started the school day normally with zoom calls to their friends, but then we did Lego math. 

Amelia (and Michael, « Too, Too! ») rolled a ten sided dice and built towers the size of the numbers she rolled. Matthew did some grouping by various numbers in a ore-multiplication activity. Elizabeth built a house and did some measuring so that she could draw each view. Another day we’ll calculate perimeter, area and volume.


Then we let them build. And build. And build. There were breaks for outdoor play and lunch and quiet time.


We finished up the school day by watching the first Lego movie! Lorianne dropped by to say a socially distant hello just before the end.

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