April 2, 2020
Sport Day

One could argue that every day is Sport Day around here, but we thought it would be fun to focus on some of the sports we don’t do every day. There was still dance and karate though...


Daddy took the kids outside to kick a ball around until a neighbour kid joined in. The poor kids all knew they needed to stay apart but kept getting too close as they would get caught up in chasing the ball. So that was the end of outdoor time. It may be a loooong summer.


Once inside they spent some time playing catch. I would have liked to do even more sports in the afternoon and had plans for sports related math and science. However, Elizabeth’s new book shelf arrived and while she started assembly during quiet time she wasn’t done. It seemed counterproductive to switch tasks especially since she was learning how to read instructions and working on her screwdriver skills etc. I was amused that she insisted on reading her instructions while upside down. Matthew was allowed to help open the box but not assemble and as a self styled “builder” he was desperately sad and not in the mood to do more sports. So I let him work on Lego World while Michael and Amelia played “baseball” with me.

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