April 3, 2020
Science Day

Science day started right from the breakfast table with a discussion of cereal density. We talked about labelling (an ongoing discussion - Elizabeth is very interested for some reason and is constantly letting us know about the sugar, fibre and sodium content on our choices). Then we did the food colouring and soap experiment with leftover cereal milk.


After outdoor and zoom time it was time for some experiments. We were talking about the scientific method and designing experiments. We made thermometers out of rubbing alcohol and plasticine and a straw and ducked it in ice water and boiling water. It was fun but it took so long we didn’t really get to do any other experiments. Amelia did find out whether frozen plasticine bounces better than room temperature though (spoiler: neither bounce but the frozen one doesn’t stick at least).


The older two did Doodles with Mo Willems and were dismayed to learn he’s filming the last one tomorrow. Elizabeth connected with Erika.


It wasn’t Lego day but Matthew and Elizabeth have setup a Lego World and are still working on that, so we have Lego everywhere. Michael enjoys crashing his truck into it and then going “Uh oh. Boken” So that’s fun. The kids all did karate, at least for a few seconds (Michael) or minutes (Amelia). It’s still rather excruciating to get Matthew to participate well but I told him he could only start his solar robot kit if he focussed. So he did. Unfortunately he did not finish and was sad but I told him it could count as a toy so he doesn’t have to wait until Monday to finish it!


Elizabeth had her first zoom tournament team practice which I thought was more like it. I think they should do most of their classes over zoom, personally. Then her prerecorded ballet class where we were pleased to discover the teacher has assigned homework involving a video. Suddenly Elizabeth is interested in going back and doing the Tuesday class she skipped 😂

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