April 12, 2020
Easter Sunday

Easter Sunday was remarkably normal for us this year, if a bit more relaxed. Okay, so we didn't physically have family over but we did most of the same things and ate the same food and had the same conversations (over zoom).


We dressed up for Easter and had an indoor Easter egg hunt. Michael and Elizabeth both brought their bunnies for the hunt. Breakfast was chocolate, chocolate and more chocolate.


After breakfast, the kids played outside until time for church. Church is still a bit choppy which is annoying when it happens in the middle of a song, but gave us an opportunity to note that the kids WERE actually paying attention despite all appearances to the contrary. Michael in particular would turn around at every interruption and go "HEY". It was adorable. After church the kids had junior church. We're using zoom for this, splitting into three breakout rooms instead of going into separate physical rooms. I think it works pretty well, except that THIS week Michael turned off my sound and apparently I read most of the story to our group on mute. Sigh. The kids were remarkably engaged given that they couldn't hear me! Elizabeth says the best part of virtual junior church is that they get to watch videos now sometimes.


After church we had cookies followed by family photo time followed by more cookies (the promised bribe for good behaviour). Then we had brunch! The middle kids played with lego. Elizabeth and Michael played outside. We had show and tell zoom with family.


Then it was time to cook Easter dinner! I was a bit late on my timing for Easter dinner but we had salad with our zoom for supper while waiting for the rest of it to be ready. Supper was lamb with gravy (or sheepling as Elizabeth refers to it), a parsnip/carrot/squash/sweet potato roasted vegetable medley, green beans oriental, steamed brussels sprouts, caesar salad, a butter lamb, crown of thorns bread (made without eggs or milk because we don't want to shop until mid next week, and crispy french fries instead of pretzels because I accidentally forgot I was saving the pretzels and let Matthew eat them) and trifle. Some of us ate our hard boiled egg, some of us ate most of it and painted the rest on their chair and surrounding floor, and some of us saved it for another day.


Then Daddy put Michael to bed and the rest of us did an out of season tenebrae service because we enjoyed it so much the day before. Most of the kids were in bed and the kitchen was clean(ish) in good time. So Brendan, Elizabeth and I finished up our day with the next installment of Star Trek TNG! It's very amusing watching her reaction to these. "Another UGLY alien?! Why are all the aliens UGLY??" or "I wouldn't go down there if I were you. Can't you hear that (ominous) music?"

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