April 11, 2020
Holy Saturday

Holy Saturday is always a kind of in between day for us. A sort of pausing from the solemnity of Good Friday while we wait for Easter (chocolate).


Saturday is chore day here so we spent a good chunk of the morning cleaning up and I was able to talk the kids into sorting their Lego into colour coded buckets instead of scattered randomly all over the shelving. Now they have a better chance of finding stuff! I haven't dared estimate how much we have now, but quite a lot more has arrived since I last calculated that we had about 80L in the house. I'm told there still isn't too much. To be fair they do play with it frequently, especially these days.


After lunch Amelia woke Michael up from his nap prematurely so she got to have a nap. Apparently she was tired as she actually slept for a few hours. I had planned to do a Holy day craft in the afternoon but the younger two kids just weren't feeling it. Matthew and Elizabeth had a zoom karate class in the morning and Elizabeth had a piano lesson in the afternoon so I decided to put it off to a later point during the Easter season and not worry about it.


Instead, the kids all spent hours playing outside and Brendan tidied up in the garage. The kids believe we have nests in our hedge so they had fun putting up bird feeders outside. They've also got some kind of secret fort under our deck - the playhouse and storage shed have probably had more use in the last two weeks than they have had in two years.



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